Named in memory of my dog Nina, "Nina The Wonder Dog Beer Brownies" started out as horse treats. In the late1990s I started baking horse treats, and Nina always loved especially my Brew Chew beer treats for horses. When friends started to give my Brew Chew horse treats to their dogs, and told me interesting stories about what their dogs would do to get one of the Brew Chew horse treats, I finally decided to make "Nina The Wonder Dog Beer Brownies".

These all natural homemade dog treats contain no wheat or corn.

Ingredients: Barley flour, blackstrap molasses, rolled oats and Sierra Nevada Stout beer.

The brownies are of medium softness and measure approximately 1.75" x 0.75" x 0.5". The measurements of the brownies can vary a little bit because they are made and cut by hand. You can easily break the brownies in half if you prefer to feed smaller treats.

Nina The Wonder Dog Beer Brownies!

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